Waiting on the tram

Love comes so agonizingly

not often that you just

stand there trying to calm yourself

because you are just

so scared that you will just

screw it up that you can’t just

sit back and enjoy it because you know that it’s just

fleeting, that it’s just

a matter of time before…

He’s gone.

Waiting on the tram

Tuesday at the aquarium

Behind the coral reef I hide
my desire to slide
into your hand,

count the green
fins of slimy sharks,

see our reflection in the nostrils
of that wedding gown crocodile.

You perched, and dreaming me
wearing his kind of white.

In the morning, I want to beluga
around with you in crisp cotton tanks.

Whale sharks, stuck
in solemn circles

watch the us outside.
We count the pebbles in their skin,

where outside
it smells like rain.

Tuesday at the aquarium

Experiments on Love & French Verbs

I wish I could
écraser you
like a can of Mountain Dew you left.

I wish I could
éffacer you
like your grey eraser
when you couldn’t quite capture my face.

I wish I could
annuler you
like your DVR of Penny Dreadful.

I wish I could
écouler you
like your already beaten Xbox games.

I wish I could
oublier you
like you did

to me.

Experiments on Love & French Verbs